What sets FleetPal apart from its peers is its intent to constantly be on the lookout for providing solutions to even the most trivial hassles that truckers face on the road. While it already caters to truck drivers by providing an exhaustive directory of truck maintenance shops on the U.S. highways, FleetPal is looking to go a bit further by bringing in the option of buying truck spare parts through its new ‘store’ feature on the app.

The idea is to source parts for trucks by creating partnerships with large part manufacturers and dealers, that have a presence all across the country. Once done, FleetPal would provide drivers and trucking fleets the option of buying truck equipment at a discount and at a more competitive price compared to the market.

“We will start with the heavy-duty Class 8 trucks and later move on to add medium and light duty trucks as well. The initial step for us would be to touch base with our users and analyze the demand for such a service,” said Mike Valnev, CEO of FleetPal.

The feature is easy to use and can be found on the FleetPal mobile application. To avail the offers, users would have to enter their truck’s VIN number, which would provide the company with details like the truck’s make, model, year of build and engine capacity.

Equipped with this information, FleetPal proceeds to cross-verify its truck parts database to find the equipments that suit a specific user – thereby saving the fleets and its drivers a lot of time in searching for the right equipment. For instance, if a trucker runs a Volvo VNR 300, he would be shown parts that are associated with the vehicle and the brand and not say, a Freightliner truck.

“On the application, we are going to have a manual next to the truck – the manual would have all the parts classified by using the VMRS system codes, thus helping truckers to easily search for specific parts that they require,” said Valnev. “We are not going to show thousands of part numbers that don’t make sense to a trucker. With the VIN number in our system, we would have the most essential information to address specific drivers and their trucks.”

Apart from the VIN number, users would have the option to enter their tire size. Talks are already in the pipeline with major tire dealers, which might lead to FleetPal flagging off this feature by selling tires on the platform. Not only does the platform plan to match these parts with the trucks, but would also be letting them know the exact locations where they can pick it up.

For this feature to be a success, FleetPal requires a lot more users to sign up on its app. “At FleetPal, we believe in providing value to fleets and drivers for free. A major chunk of the services on the app comes free of cost for our users, and with more users onboard we can provide better offers and greater discounts on the products we plan to display,” said Valnev.

The feature is expected to roll out soon, with its initial user base being fleet owners and drivers from the U.S. and Canada.

For people looking to sign up – Android users click here and iOS users click here. For any questions regarding the feature, please connect with us at info@fleetpal.io

Posted by Vishnu Rajamanickam

Vishnu is a freight reporter who covers cutting-edge tech startups, and brings in perspective from industry frontrunners and thought leaders in the freight space. In his free time, he writes neo-noir poetry, blogs about travel & living, and loves to debate about international politics. He hopes to settle down in a village and grow his own food at some point in time. But for now, he is happy to live with his wife in the middle of a German metropolitan.

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